Bio and Filmography

 Originally hired to co-write with Cash Markman in 1994, when Markman began directing a year later, he asked Frank to appear in many of his story-driven adult features as a non-sex actor. As is the tradition in productions outside of the mainstream, a name needed to be invented. Inspired by Cash’s own nom-du-porn to clearly indicate the prime motivator for working in the genre, Frank devised his name on the French, USA and UK currencies: viz, Franc, Buck, & Quid. Then a little deviousness with the spelling and, voila! Frank Bukkwyd.

See Frank’s IMDB page here:

Acting Demo

To demonstrate how he looks on camera in dramatic productions, here are 3 clips of Steven Kates.

First Performance

My first read of the intro to "What I Learned From Porn" on 3/17/10. I only had 5 minutes, started to run over, then really jammed the last page. This performance followed the 10th and final workshop class with Ann Randolph, with the public reading an option pretty much everyone took. The crowd was as encouraging as could ever be hoped for.

Why It Takes

Why it takes an act of God to bring forth Bukkwyd.

B**** for McCain

Nikki, Brooke and Andie, who give more support to John McCain than a double D bra gives to them, welcome political commentator Frank Bukkwyd to their couch for a hot debate about who would make a better president - McCain or Barrack Obama. Bukkwyd makes his best argument, but how can he beat these buxom beauties? The girls invite you to have a live chat with the them right before the election. Watch for the premiere of SexyVision coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.